Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Quick Update

Well, Rod Launched. I had a Book Party, sent out some party favors and prizes, and started work on two other projects.

Very soon, Olyvia is going to come down off of Amazon as I work on her manuscript and give it a slight overhaul; just to make sure all the subplots and small comments that opened up to possible subplots are all in line with the current round of storytelling. Rod sort of misplaced several older storylines, and as such, some of the things referred to or introduced in Olyvia are no longer valid.

While I hate having to go back and edit it, I want to make sure they're all in line with each other, story-wise, before I continue on with Book #3 (#4 in total, #3 in the series -- with Jules as the prequel)

So if you want a copy of the current manuscript, go to Smashwords or Amazon and get it now.

Joined in on a #wordwar in one of the author's groups I'm a part of, and the war begins on May 1st, so that's when I'm going to begin really hauling words over the battleground of untold stories (AKA begin hardcore work on the next book).

I'll hopefully be able to start actually marketing my books in May as well, so keep an eye out for deals and promotions and all that good stuff regarding Jules and Rod -- And Olyvia after her revisions are complete.

Olyvia is getting a facelift, and things are happening in May.

Friday, February 17, 2017

I'm back!

Update Time!

I am currently in the process of getting my next book on the launching pad and ready to go!!

The current Launch date for "Rod" is April 1st, so mark it on your calendars! If you need any refreshers, Olyvia and Jules are still out there (and will likely go on sale/free before or during Rod's launch so people can get an opportunity to get a look at the other works.

For right now, though, I've finally completed a subscriber list and (hopefully) linked it up to the correct places! You can subscribe on this blog or check out my page on eKlecticKreations and subscribe there! I'll become more active over the next week/month, so keep a lookout for me!

(Hint Hint -- people that sign up to be on my subscriber list will have the chance to become part of an exclusive mailing list, enabling them to be a part of Rod's launch and get some cool stuff in return. Just FYI. ;) :) )

Thanks, and Happy Reading!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

One more thing!

Oops! One more thing; Jules (along with 11 other books by fellow fantasy authors) is going to be a prize to one lucky winner in this month's competition put on by One Stop Fiction. Follow the link and enter for the chance to win twelve author-signed books!

Hello lovelies! Apologies for my recent absence; Book #3 became more complicated as it went on, I attended a few fairs during the fall, and I've recently published my very first website!

Since I've begun wearing so many hats, I decided to put them all under one roof. And that roof has been dubbed eKlecticKreations! There you can find links to all my offline doings (as well as some of my online ones), and links to my etsy shop and links to my books on Amazon.

Again, like I said, Rod has seriously taken off by himself this time. I'm excited but also scared. When the time comes, I'll be calling upon you readers to help me get the word out about the master-thief and his antics. I will soon be putting my work back up on again for your consideration and backing, and I'll let you know specifically when I do. Until then, don't feel shy about checking out the other authors on Inkshares...There's some really good stuff over there that needs reader support!

I've been working through Bad Red Head Media's marketing challenge again (first time I stalled out mid-month because I didn't know if I was "there yet"), and it's been super fun. I've slacked off the last few days, tho.

(Sorry, ignore me.)

I've also been working on stories and things for this blog, because I love you guys and I hate that I left you hanging like I did.

Like I said, I also attended a few craft fairs. That was fun. Don't know if I'll try that avenue again. But time will tell.

Anyway, as always, keep an eye out for me, I'll be sure to excitedly let you know when things are happening in a time span that is far too small for you to do anything about it, and then disappear again as I work hard on the next project. :)

What can I say? I'm like a ghost. Or a mischievous Imp that has a teleporting hat, maybe. ;)

Catch you guys at the other end of the rabbit hole!

Monday, October 31, 2016

A man named Clifford

There once was a man named Clifford
That rode into town on a mule named Zipper;

Then Zipper died,
And Clifford cried,
For he very much liked his friend Zipper.

On Halloween night,
Zipper rose with a fright,
And galloped with delight.

Clifford sat astride his pet ghost,
Who adored his new post;
He felt more freedom than most,
Being allowed a ghostly coast.

But Halloween ended,
And the rules are quite candid:

Where a ghost fended,
There his energy must then be lended.
For the living must still be tended,

Because they are still alive.

Happy Halloween.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Hail from beyond the screen!

Alright, fine. I've been a bad blogger. But I haven't been idle, I promise.

Rod is still in progress. I know, I know. But trust me, things are still on the move.

As I was mulling over what to work on next, I realized that the story I was mulling over actually would make a better book to follow Jules than what I intially had (aka, Rod). Don't worry, don't worry. You'll get to read his story soon. The format in which you read it in might differentiate from the original plan, however.

In light of that, I'm working on a few things:

Next book (I'll put up teasers, don't worry)
Stepping up my marketing strategies
Coloring book Mrk 2
Several short stories, most of which will appear here.

So, I'll be going back to posting stories on a weekly/monthly basis on this blog soon. I'll also be adding a Book Reviews page and, depending on how fast I can figure out my reading pace, I may be opening up an opportunity to be a more functional blog (more on that in later posts).

I'm trying. I'm working on it. I've been taking the last number of weeks to try and hit a better pace with my writing career and school and craft shows and life. But apparently, you guys loved my little goofy poem about an alien, so I know that a few someone's out there love me. :D

I'm also working on a marketing/author services index that has much more than just links and a name. Stay tuned to see where I go with that.

Last but not least, thanks so much to you, my lovely viewers. This started out as a personal blog. And now I'm sharing it with at least 20 of you, if not more. I'm very thankful for you guys.

(More to come hopefully very soon.)

Monday, August 15, 2016

And GO!


Transformations: An Experimental Coloring Book:

Transformations: Leftie Edition :

New Releases!

Gah! I'm having such a hard time catching up with myself.

Alright, here's the deal:

Olyvia: The Special Edition and Transformations (My coloring book) are each ready to go. There will probably be an updated version of the coloring book later on, but for now, it's ready to go. However, I've still got to set up the books, put the links up and update some of the older links, and get the word out. Since I'm still a little ADD ---

---And I totally forgot where I was going.

Oh well.

There's some new releases. I'll come back when links are up and just shout "GO!!"

...How's that?

Friday, August 12, 2016

Well That Was Fun...

So...I honestly didn't expect my little alien story to take off quite so much.

It was probably the highlight of my day. :)


If you've been wondering what I've been up to (aside from coming up with poems about aliens), take a moment to check out my other creative pursuit: Ceramics!!

I've got an Etsy store here: KKBCeramics

And a connecting Facebook page here: KKBCeramics_Facebook

So, there's that.

The coloring book has come in the mail. I'll have a mini launch party once it's complete ready. Which will be soon.

Olyvia: The Special Edition has been taken off Kindle for the moment because somehow Amazon thought Olyvia and it's special edition were the exact same Kindle file, even though they were two separate uploads and everything. So, Olyvia: Special Edition is now going to be uploaded to Smashwords and Draft2Digital. I'll update the links on here for accuracy, so no worries. In addition, the physical copies should be ready soon, and I'll let you all know when they are.

So, that's my mini-update.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The story of an alien...

There once was an alien named Phil.

He came down to Earth on a Quill.

He looked around and spied,
Twirled around and cried.
He jumped and danced until he realized,
He did not actually have Phil's eyes.

He searched the world high and low,
Until he stubbed a rock with his toe.

People called him Bobawkward,
Because he was awkward,
He accepted their talk-words,
And wondered why wet fell from the sky.

He encountered a man named Phil at that time,
And didn't know what to say,
So he asked Phil about the wet in the sky,
And Bobawkward was told it was rain.

Bobawkward followed Phil to his house,
And tried to eat the thing called a mouse.
Phil told him no and called him a louse,
Which made poor Bobawkward cry.

He was an alien you see,
And didn't quite understand,
That Phil wasn't calling him names after all,
Phil was trying to help him instead.

So Bobawkward stayed with Phil for a while,
He learned about turtles and ovens and fires,
He cried when you watched his daytime Soaps,
(Which he told Phil was really more like a joke).

But his fun was short-lived,
Because Phil had a kid,
And soon it was time to go home.

So Bobawkward set out alone,
For in his culture he must atone,
Because he borrowed Phil's comb,
Without asking.

The alien went to the top of a mountain,
Where he saw an accountant,
Biding his time in song.

Bobawkward sat down,
Turned the accountant around,
And both of them frowned,
Like a poor frown-y clown.

They sang a good song,
Light-hearted and long,
About Godzilla,
And the mighty King Kong.

Eventually Bobawkward had to go home,
For he had a long life to live on his own.

And that's where this story must end my friends,
The tale of Phil the awkward alien,
That took on a different name to stay trim,
And to hide from the cupcake lurking within.