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I enjoy my time on Facebook. It's like walking into a party where people walk around with name-tags that may or may not actually identify who they are.
Twitter is more like walking into a town hall or a mall or a farmer's market...Everyone seems to be trying to talk to you, there's lots of banners and logos and slogans, but no one quite seems to know what to do or how to talk unless they've been doing this for a number of years. 
I often feel like making Verizon jokes when I'm on Google+...Can you hear me now? 
Pinterest reminds me of the giant bulletin boards that are set around a college campus; the content reflects less of the user's personality than the organization does.

Amazon Author Page
Having an Author page on Amazon seems to be akin to setting up a booth that sells books inside of a bookstore.
Goodreads Author Page
An Author page on Goodreads seems less like the booth in a bookstore and more like a book-selling booth among other book-selling booths in a free open-air market...for books.
...It's like Facebook's distant cousin.

All these stories are free-range and ready for auction. Prices start at ten dollars.

I have nothing snarky to say. I'm very new to Instagram and still don't quite get it. It seems to Tumblr what Twitter is to Facebook.

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