Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Quick Update

Well, Rod Launched. I had a Book Party, sent out some party favors and prizes, and started work on two other projects.

Very soon, Olyvia is going to come down off of Amazon as I work on her manuscript and give it a slight overhaul; just to make sure all the subplots and small comments that opened up to possible subplots are all in line with the current round of storytelling. Rod sort of misplaced several older storylines, and as such, some of the things referred to or introduced in Olyvia are no longer valid.

While I hate having to go back and edit it, I want to make sure they're all in line with each other, story-wise, before I continue on with Book #3 (#4 in total, #3 in the series -- with Jules as the prequel)

So if you want a copy of the current manuscript, go to Smashwords or Amazon and get it now.

Joined in on a #wordwar in one of the author's groups I'm a part of, and the war begins on May 1st, so that's when I'm going to begin really hauling words over the battleground of untold stories (AKA begin hardcore work on the next book).

I'll hopefully be able to start actually marketing my books in May as well, so keep an eye out for deals and promotions and all that good stuff regarding Jules and Rod -- And Olyvia after her revisions are complete.

Olyvia is getting a facelift, and things are happening in May.

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