Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The story of an alien...

There once was an alien named Phil.

He came down to Earth on a Quill.

He looked around and spied,
Twirled around and cried.
He jumped and danced until he realized,
He did not actually have Phil's eyes.

He searched the world high and low,
Until he stubbed a rock with his toe.

People called him Bobawkward,
Because he was awkward,
He accepted their talk-words,
And wondered why wet fell from the sky.

He encountered a man named Phil at that time,
And didn't know what to say,
So he asked Phil about the wet in the sky,
And Bobawkward was told it was rain.

Bobawkward followed Phil to his house,
And tried to eat the thing called a mouse.
Phil told him no and called him a louse,
Which made poor Bobawkward cry.

He was an alien you see,
And didn't quite understand,
That Phil wasn't calling him names after all,
Phil was trying to help him instead.

So Bobawkward stayed with Phil for a while,
He learned about turtles and ovens and fires,
He cried when you watched his daytime Soaps,
(Which he told Phil was really more like a joke).

But his fun was short-lived,
Because Phil had a kid,
And soon it was time to go home.

So Bobawkward set out alone,
For in his culture he must atone,
Because he borrowed Phil's comb,
Without asking.

The alien went to the top of a mountain,
Where he saw an accountant,
Biding his time in song.

Bobawkward sat down,
Turned the accountant around,
And both of them frowned,
Like a poor frown-y clown.

They sang a good song,
Light-hearted and long,
About Godzilla,
And the mighty King Kong.

Eventually Bobawkward had to go home,
For he had a long life to live on his own.

And that's where this story must end my friends,
The tale of Phil the awkward alien,
That took on a different name to stay trim,
And to hide from the cupcake lurking within.

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