Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Alright, all 20 of you loyal blog fans! Here's the scoop of the upcoming plan:

Olyvia Special Edition:
Put the finishing touches on a physical copy and ordered a proof to see how it'll look. There will most likely be some tweaking afterwards, but know that the physical copy of the book is coming!

Still working on it. It's in the editors hands, so it isn't stagnant. But it also means it's progress is out of my hands ATM. I have a few other minor adventures starring him that I can polish up and post, but those are not at the top of the priority list.

Coloring Book:
I've got all of the designs done, loaded up into a book form, and only waiting for a few final touches. Things like a name and a cover design. Little things like that. Those, however, are completely in my hands and I simply have to make a decision and stick to it before I upload. After that I've got to order a proof to check it, but even so, it should be coming out in the next few weeks. I'll keep all of ya'll updated.

So, I know most of you follow me right now because of my books/stories, but as an aside, something else that's on my priority list is selling some of the pottery I've made over the course of my learning. I've been thinking and working towards this since I started throwing clay, I just never quite had the nerve to get moving on it. Welp, I've found my nerve now, and have been working on an Etsy store that is nearly come to completion. It's primarily bowls at the moment, but I've got a few other things up for sale as well. I'll post again about it when the Etsy store is actually up so that this blog remains primarily a space for stories, but this was just in case ya'll wanted to know. After all, this blog was started as a way to post a few pictures of my pottery. :)

Other Things In The Works:
Worldbuilding for the next book.

Scraps of stories (some of which have already had the beginnings posted) that I'm going to attempt to begin writing and posting a chapter a day/week as a way to test myself and let you guys keep my accountable to wordcount goals between books.

Researching ways to sell books a bit more close to home; third-party additions to this blog to allow you guys to buy directly from me, mostly.

I'm among a number of authors that's participating in a new website launch, with an aim to connect authors and readers. They've got a few cool features going on, and it looks to be a very good website in this new age of self-publishers and voracious readers, so check them out if you're interested:

I'm sure I've got other things on the horizon, but they are pretty much on the horizon for a reason. I'll do my best to continue supplying ya'll with short stories and snippets and fun little 'insider' moments. I might even eventually have merchandise, but again, that's on the horizon.

Anyway, I shall see you soon, my pretties!
Happy reading!

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