Monday, January 25, 2016

Been a while, no?

I've been away.

But I've been busy.

But not the usual busy.

First up: Book Stuff.

I'm participating in a fantasy cross-promotion period that's starting soon. I just signed up, so we'll see where further details get you! Err...Me.

I'm hoping to participate in an event called Writers for Writers. It's a facebook event on Feb 25th. I'll have to do a follow-up to see if it's too late for me to participate on the author-side of things, but even if it is, I still plan to participate.

If you've been following me, you'll hopefully have noticed that I do, in fact, enjoy self-publishing and attempting to do things 'on my own' (it's in quotes because I've actually had a number of wonderful people helping me during every step of the way). Anyway. I've sent a request to be one of the 500 chosen participates for Michael Hyatt & Daniel Harkavy's book launch!

Anyway, the link here is that Michael Hyatt has a series of blog posts, books, and a few webinars on how to live your life outside of the office (and not die while doing so). Anyway, I'm excited for the release of his new book, #LivingForward which you can pre-order on Amazon here.

Second: Story Stuff

Also been working on my third book. The main protagonist wasn't quite who I thought it'd be, but if he manages to stay and tell me his whole story, it'll turn out extremely interesting.

I'm working on ideas for a number of short stories, while keeping an eye on short story competitions. I'm planning on entering every one I can find...While this may not be financially possible, I'm at least going to enter all the ones I actually can afford (both money AND time are a consideration, in this case).

Third: Other Stuff

My compost is still growing.
My garden is covered with a small tarp, waiting for spring.

On that sidenote, I found a decently-sized horsehair worm in the water that's been gathering on top of the tarp. Without going into too much detail about it (I know some of you were directed here because of my book, not because of my fascination with agriculture), it's good news in that if there's one, there's likely to be more, and they're a good step towards biological garden pest control.

Alright, I'll stop on that, now. Thanks for indulging me for a moment. :)

Last but not least, I've been working on some ideas for specific, long, "actual" blog posts. One of which has to do with world-building. I'm still marinating on the tone it'll take and how I'm actually going to write it, this blog being in it's baby stages (along with it's blogger).

Anyway. There you have it. Books, Ceramics, Gardening, and of course, School (which I didn't get into on here because let's face it, school is a momentum unto itself... A rolling stone, an inevitability, occupare mortuis). That's what I've been up to!

Happy Reading,

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