Monday, November 16, 2015

Re-write/Edit #1 DONE!

I'm like...I feel like...

Now what?

Well, I know what comes now.

But I don't want to wait to contact people.

I want to get it to editors/beta readers/proofreaders TONIGHT!!!

But seeing how it's past midnight, I have to sit on my hands for a moment, and then I must force myself to check on my little checklist to make sure I don't skip a step during this next phase.

But I'm done!


The manuscript is done, and now it's just the outside and trimming and...Oh geeze.

And guess what? NaNoWriMo isn't even over yet! I'm debating on if I should just pick up an old manuscript and use that to add to my NaNo word count...

Meh, sure. Why not? Working on two novels at once is going to be fun, right?


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